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happy blogiversary paige! we can't wait to see what's up ahead!


p.s. I've been meaning to ask you where the name "look away" comes from?


The only thing missing today is a picture of you, blogging on your computer!


Oh my!! and I remember some of your first blogs... does the groomsman in a wifebeater sound familiar?? i love that you have been sticking with this... it keeps me up to date with all of your "happenings"! you should post a top 10 blog of your fav pics this past year to celebrate this milestone.


Happy blogiversary!!! I really enjoy your photos...keep 'em comin'!


Congratulations on your 1st Blogiversary!! I have really enjoyed seeing the world (both known and unknown to me) thru your eye. Leslie is onto something. Maybe your readers could choose their favorite photo and you could post the results somehow.


I wish I had a fun story for the name Look Away. But I don't. I guess I kind of think of it as an ivitation. As if someone is asking me "Can I look at your photos?" and I say "Look Away".

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