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What happens in Omaha soon happens in Peoria. We also have ice everywhere. I skated out and showed a house this morning. Now we are going to skate to the grocery store!


You have made such ugly weather into something beautiful. Everything is ice covered here and many places are without power. But the crackling sound that the frozen trees make in the wind is kind of interesting.


these are gorgeous paige. i've never seen berries like that! love it!


brrrr...i'm cold just looking at these great pics!


Wow, something we don't get much of here in S. Texas. Of course when it does everyone freaks out. Just beautiful to me. And your kitty is just so cute lookin' all fierce.


I love these photos. It makes the cold look so fresh and clean.


what pretty icy berries!


Those are stunning shots!


Those berries in ice are amazing. Great capture!


those shots are just incredible. wow...i'm glad you ventured out! thanks for sharing these.

Kal Barteski

I love ice storms. And Hoar Frost. Great pictures. I also love those berries. You rock!


They all look so pretty. I like the picture in your header of your cat. She's really pretty & looks very friendly!

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