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Great pictures, Paige! I'm glad you 1) had fun and 2) got home safely!


Well, besides the freezing rain it looked like a fun trip! Great pictures...I love the lights. That is one thing that I hate driving in. I can handle lots of snow, but freezing rain/black ice is just scary.

Melissa D

Hey, you were in my town!

This weekend was not so pretty, was it?

I love your pictures of the Plaza; we've yet to make it down there this year, and we live here! :)


Glad you had a safe trip... sorry about your car. It may not have been what you expected, but it sure was an adventure! Loved looking at all the pics.


Glad you made it safely! What a fun trip though. You two look like you had a blast!


That definitely sounds like a trip you'll remember forever! Reminds me of our roadtrip when we had *three* flat tires on the way home!!! Looks liek yuou still mamaged to have a great time, tho. Love the pics, especially the one of John with his coffee! and the lights are gorgeous


Sounds like you'll always remember your trip, even if it didn't go as planned. I love the goose picture!


Looks like a good time. You are a lovely looking couple. Is that a real goose?


No! Not a real goose. Just a window display goose.


wow! great shots. i am partial to the one of the ice scraper...


What a memorable trip!! I like the goose with the scarf...does that mean Roxy will be sporting one too?


Unfortunately Roxy is not a fan of outerwear.


Ack! Freezing rain! We've had our share of that down here in Atlanta... wish it would just snow.

p.s. Super excited you're going to be part of Shutter Sisters!

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