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Your artwork is gorgeouse Paige! Thank you.
: )


i mean GORGEOUS. Goodness.


hey paige, i registered, but the link emailed to me to confirm keeps coming up with an error page. :(

i am SO excited about this, though.


The registration is still not working perfectly today. We're working on it though! Hopefully soon.

I'm excited too!


Wow! I love the site an your first picture is rockin' - you fit right in with your favorite bloggers ;-)

Lisa's Chaos

I came to your blog via the site so no glitch there. :) Wish I had gotten in on this. Looks like a great place to be!


Hey this is Krystyn, I helped put the site together. Sorry for all the confusion here.

The registration module has been removed, it wasn't a functioning part of the site, and good news is, not necessary. You don't need to register to do anything on the site.

The web address will be shuttersisters.com by week's end. We're in "soft launch" phase right now, so give us your feedback on anything and everything!


Just had to post and say hello! I found your site thru Tracey's site. Your new Shutter Sisters site is going to be a wonderful tool. Can't wait to see more to come. Smiles :).

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