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That looks sooo nice. Not only do I like the indiv. plants but the overall design. Did they help you w/that part or did you guys just know what to do?


Oh yes, I LOVE it! I love the curvaceous mulching and the cheerful attitude of the plants. Great, great job! Um, I guess "landscaper" won't go on your resume, tho!


You've been extremely busy lately! It looks great though! Nice Job!


Thanks guys! Dad, we did not have any design help or anything. But we didn't really know what to do either. We just figured it out as we went!


it looks great!! i can't wait until the next time i come to visit so i can see it in person :)


I meant you won't become a landscaper because of the pain!


Very cool. I love the flowers! At least all that hard labor was worth it, eh?


you will be amazed how things transform over the years. I have photos of our container garden when we moved into our rental three years ago and now it looks like a jungle! Keep going... ;)

nola at the alamo

Hi, this is my first visit; I was sent here to see your post with Roxy (I'm a life long cat lover). Your landscaping looks lovely and you'll grow to love it more and more as it matures.
Just a word of warning, the lavender needs to be in well drained soil; it will not tolerate standing in water. I've killed more lavender that way; finally I gave up and planted it in pots, where I can control the drainage!


Thanks Nola! Actually it isn't lavender. It's called Salvia. It does look just like it though!


Just stopping by and thought I must comment and congratulate you on a fabulous job! Love the choice of plants and the way you've place them. I also appreciate the amount of work involved - as we've spent the past two years turning our grass only garden into a nature haven for local wildlife, by digging up lots of clay, putting down fertile soil and then planting numerous natives. It's fabulous to see them take off and the native bird life return to the garden. Best wishes with your future endeavors! Sarah

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